Summer Content Planner & Inspiration Guide

to help you show up over Summer & still take time out

Including my own draft Summer Content Plan


Your Summer Guide

If like me, you’re dreaming of a long summer full of picnics, fun with the kids (or fur babies) and splashing about in the waves, the last thing you want to be worrying about is what to post on Instagram. Still, you probably don't want to disappear off the radar completely. And so, I've created this Summer Content Planner and Inspiration Guide for you.

You'll find included
- 55 content ideas to suit all business types.
- Content ideas to use for stories, posts or video.
- Heaps of inspiration and prompts, without anything being too prescriptive.
- Space for brainstorming and a template for figuring out your own Summer content plan.
- A SNEAK PEEK at my own draft content plan so that you can see how I've planned out my own summer.


Hello, I'm Sarah - Chief Content Planner

If we haven’t already met, then I’m thrilled you have landed here. I’m looking forward to helping you get your Summer under control.

I’m an Instagram Trainer and Content Specialist, focused on taking the stress out of Instagram. I share my learnings from a career in marketing to small business owners helping them get ahead - with carefully thought-out content strategies and training to develop creativity and confidence.

Whether you need some quick pointers to kick start your content plan, need help navigating Instagram, I can help. I offer 1-1 training, group workshops and strategy support.

Connect with me on Instagram @sarahrichardssocial


Enjoy your Summer Content Planner & Inspiration Guide

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