Date: TBC
Time: 10-11.30am
Where: Zoom (Slippers & a cuppa recommended)
Cost: £39

Are you ready to be inspired with ways to make Reels for your business? Learn how to create memorable Instagram Reels with great impact for your business in my focused 90-minute workshop.

Reels remain a huge focus for Instagram, providing businesses with a fantastic opportunity to get onboard and take advantage of the extra eyeballs being shown this content leading to serious results.

Right now, they’re a clever way of putting your key messages in front of new audiences, whilst showing up in a memorable and engaging way for your existing community.

Have you had a go at Reels and run into problems? Are you stuck for ideas? Do you dislike Reels and are hiding until the focus moves onto something new? Then this is the workshop for you.

You will learn:

  • Why adding Reels to your social media strategy is a good thing.
  • How to create a Reel and maximise the tools the app has to offer.
  • Ideas and formats for your business plus lots of suggestions to help you get started with creating Reels that add value and impact to your business social media.
  • Inspiration, fun, creativity and style.
  • Plan out 3 ideas for Reels you might like to make for your business.
  • Have a go at making a Reel.

This small group workshop via Zoom is part of my bitesize workshop series which aims to provide small, affordable sessions with big outcomes.

Expect to feel inspired and ready to tackle your first, or maybe second, Reel with polish and confidence. You’ll leave the session with at least 3 ideas for your own Reels and a Reel that you have started to create.

Reserve your place today and I look forward to working with you to achieve Reel results!