Attracting the best possible students, in appropriate and desired volumes, is perhaps the number one priority for almost every college, university and business school.

In an increasingly competitive landscape the battle to win the hearts and minds of prospective students has never been more fiercely fought.

Today’s students are likely to apply to several institutions, and the emphasis is placed on the academic institution to shine throughout the entire prospective student journey, from the very first brand touch through to the enquiry, application, offer, acceptance and pre-arrival stages of a prospective student’s journey.

Rich Marketing has assisted several institutions in developing or improving recruitment and admissions strategies, providing support and advice in areas such as; market research, market identification and segmentation, improving awareness, open day design, development of customer-centric application, offer and admissions processes, team development and organisational change, sales training, widening participation and the development of ‘ground-up’, tactical student recruitment plans.